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September, 2005

CCP2 Storage, Monitoring, and Verification Program - NGO Meeting Brussels 2005

Livio Ruvo, Eni E&P  
(pdf 380 kb)   View

June, 2005

Vol 1 Chapter 1: Policies and Incentives Developments in CO2 Capture and Storage Technology: A Focused Survey by the CO2 Capture Project

Arthur Lee, Dag Christensen, Frede Cappelen, Jan Hartog, Alison Thompson,  
(pdf 370 Kb)   View

June, 2005

Vol 1 Chapter 2: Review and Evaluation of the CO2 Capture Project by the Technology Advisory Board

Vello Kuuskraa  
(pdf 134 Kb)   View

June, 2005

Vol 1 Chapter 3: Economic and Cost Analysis for CO2 Capture Costs in the Capture Project Scenarios

Torgeir Melien  
(pdf 619 Kb)   View

December, 2004

CO2 Capture Project Results - Co-operating for a Better Environment

CO2 Capture Project  
(pdf 994 kb)   View

June, 2004

Capture Technology Overview - EU Roll Out Brussels

CO2 Capture Project  
(ppt 1.96 Mb)   View

June, 2004

CCP Overview of Project and Results 2004

Bill Senior, BP  
(pdf 503 kb)   View

March, 2004

Review and Evaluation of the CO2 Capture Project by the Technical Advisory Board 2004

Vello A. Kuuskraa  
(pdf 290 kb)   View

November, 2003

CCP NGO Focus Group Meeting, Washington DC, November 2003 - Summary and Feedback

CO2 Capture Project  
(pdf 199 kb)   View

October, 2003

Flue Gas CO2 Capture

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd  
(pdf 1.16 Mb)   View

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