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CCP 2015-AR

CCP Annual Report 2015:

June 2016

The CCP Annual Report summarising the group’s activities during 2015.

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CCP3 Results book cover

CCP3 Results Book:
CO2 Capture for Storage in Deep Geologic Formations – Results from the CO2 Capture Project (2009-2014)

November 2015

The CCP has published comprehensive results of work from its award-winning third phase of activity, CCP3.

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CCP Project Factsheet:
Oxy-Fuel Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) Pilot Test

April 2015

Provides an overview of a project in which the CO2 Capture Project, joined by Cenovus Energy, Devon Canada, Praxair and Statoil, is piloting oxy-fuel combustion technology to reduce CO2 emissions from once-through steam generators (OTSG). OTSG boilers are the primary source of CO2 emissions from in-situ production of heavy oil. The demonstration is part of the CCP's work to develop next-generation technologies that will make CO2 Capture and Storage a practical and cost-effective option for reducing CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.

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Annual report 2013 cover

CCP Annual Report 2013:

April 2014

The CCP Annual Report summarising the group’s projects and demonstrations during 2013.

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CCP Project Factsheet:
Contingencies Program

April 2014

The CCP Contingencies program aims to identify anomalies that may lead to containment failure at a CO2 storage site and formulate an intervention plan using existing (or developing new) technologies. The program is a unique initiative that leverages existing industry expertise to favourably impact the future development of CCS. The CCP Storage, Monitoring and Verification (SMV) Team has been working with a cross-section of respected experts from academia, national labs and industry consultants on the first phases of the project, producing some intriguing results which may culminate in testing selected technologies in a field experiment.

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CCP Project Factsheet:
Oxy-Combustion Fluid Catalytic Cracking Demonstration Field Testing of CO2 Capture Technology for Oil Refineries

September 2013

Provides an overview of a field demonstration the CCP is undertaking of an oxy-combustion capture technology on one of the processes in a refinery which generates the highest CO2 emissions – the Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit. The test is expected to bring closer to reality a more cost-effective technology capable of capturing up to 95% of FCC CO2 emissions, equating to some 20-30% of total CO2 emissions from a typical refinery.

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In Depth brochure cover

CCP Annual Report 2012:

May 2013

The CCP Annual Report charting the progress of the group in 2012

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CCP Project Factsheet:
Modular Borehole Monitoring design and field test

December 2012

Provides an overview of a project in which the CO2 Capture Project, joined by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the US Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (SECARB), is conducting field trial deployment of a specially designed Modular Borehole Monitoring system. This modular, flexible system monitors the behaviour of injected CO2 in the deep subsurface and is currently being field trialled in the US.

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Stakeholder Report

CCP Annual Report 2011:

May 2012

The CCP 2011 Annual Report detailing progress of the group in 2011.

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Petroleum review

CCP Project Factsheet:
CO2 Stream Impurities: Impacts on geological storage performance and assurance
Phase 1 – Reservoir Simulation

February 2012

Provides an overview of a study the CCP is undertaking into the impact of CO2 stream impurities on geological storage of CO2. The potential for cost savings by delivering less pure CO2 streams to the storage reservoir are significant if it can be shown that these impurities do not adversely impact injectivity, conformance or containment. The CCP has completed Phase 1 of the study which involved the development of reservoir models to simulate injection and plume migration of CO2 streams from single and non-compressible gas impurities.

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Petroleum review

Petroleum Review 2011

July 2011

Covering the international oil and gas industry from field to forecourt – exploration, production, refining and marketing.

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Annual Report

CCP Annual Report 2010

April 2011

The CCP 2010 Annual Report detailing progress of the group in 2010.

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In Depth brochure cover

Oil Refinery CO2 Capture Demonstration Underway in Brazil: oxy-combustion demo on a Fluid Catalytic Cracking unit – a high-CO2 emitter in the refinery
Key documents for the media

April 2011

Available for the media are a press release, project factsheet with more information. Images are available on request.

Information for the media

In Depth brochure cover

CCP Project Factsheet:
GHGT-10 Technical Poster

September 2010

Provides an overview of Oxy-Fuel CO2 Capture for In-Situ
Bitumen Extraction from Canada's Oil Sands. Presented at GHGT-10, Amsterdam.

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In Depth brochure cover

CO2 Capture and Storage In Depth Brochure
Some key principles for policymakers

September 2010

The CO2 Capture Project has refreshed its In Depth brochure using more realistic graphics, improving the layout and updating the text. The brochure remains to be one of the few resources available that provides a spatial perspective on CO2 storage. Please contact us to request a copy.

A digital version of the brochure is also available to view online. Click to view digital In Depth tool

In Depth brochure cover

CCP2 Results Book: CCP makes crucial progress in push for industrial-scale deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage
Key documents for the media

October 2009

The full volume is available to download and a number of materials are available for the media: Press Release, Results book preface, contents, introduction, and general infographics/images.

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Information for the media

General infographics/images



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CCP Launches Comprehensive Technical Guide to Carbon Dioxide Geological Storage
Key documents for the Media

August 2009

A complete set of documents, illustrations and articles for the media and other communications professionals on the CCP, its background, aims and most recent technical publication, 'A Technical Basis for Carbon Dioxide Storage'.

Information for the media

Download the book

Read summary

Translations of the summary are available in the following languages:
English  German  Spanish  French  Italian  Japanese  
Portuguese  Mandarin

In Depth brochure cover

CCS Making It Happen

May 2008

A summary of discussions from a high-level stakeholder roundtable co-organised by Friends of Europe, The Bellona Foundation and the European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants (ETP-ZEP) with the support of the CO2 Capture Project and the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA).

This report presents the outcomes of Friends of Europe's roundtable debate 'Carbon Capture and Storage: Making it happen', held on Tuesday 27 May 2008. The roundtable discussed the role of carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in preventing climate change and the crucial issue of who would have to pay for it – industry, the EU or member states.

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CCP2 Newsletter May 2008

May 2008

This newsletter includes updates from the end part of Phase 2 on Programme activities and also features several technological developments including the Wellbore Integrity Project and also the Certification Framework for the Geological Storage of CO2.

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In Depth brochure cover

Storing CO2 Underground

April 2007

This is a publication from the International Energy Agency's GreenHouse Gas program on storing CO2 underground, using the CO2 Capture Project materials. Paper copies are available from

The booklet explains the geological storage of CO2 and answers the most frequently asked questions:

  • Can CO2 be stored deep underground?
  • What difference could CCS make to global warming?
  • How can CO2 be captured from industry?
  • Where can CO2 be geologically stored?
  • Why does CO2 stay underground?
  • Where are the good geological storage sites?
  • Where is CO2 geological storage happening today?
  • What is the future of CO2 geological storage?

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In Depth brochure cover

CCP Phase 1 Project Results
Co-operating for a better environment


This brochure gives details and highlights of Phase 1 of the CCP. Phase One began in 2000 and was completed in 2004, and the document gives an overview of the key themes in the first phase and also background on the Programme's origin and overall goals.

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