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January, 2009

Effect of Gas Impurities on the Behavior of Ni-based Oxygen Carriers on Chemical-Looping Combustion

Juan Adánez, Francisco García-Labiano, Pilar Gayán, Luis F. de Diego, Alberto Abad, Cristina Dueso, Carmen R. Forero  
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January, 2009

Natural minerals as oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion in a dual circulating fluidized bed system

Tobias Pröll, Karl Mayer, Johannes Bolhàr-Nordenkampf, Philipp Kolbitsch,Tobias Mattisson, Anders Lyngfelt, Hermann Hofbauer  
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January, 2009

On the Performance and Operability of GE’s Dry Low NOx Combustors utilizing Exhaust Gas Recirculation for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture

Andrei T. Evulet, Ahmed M. ELKady, Anthony R. Brand, and Daniel Chinn  
(pdf 1711 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Hydrogen membrane reactors for CO2 capture

D. Jansen, J.W. Dijkstra, R.W. van den Brink, T.A. Peters, M. Stange, R. Bredesen, A. Goldbach, H.Y. Xuc, A. Gottschalk, A. Doukelise  
(pdf 786 Kb)   View

January, 2009

A technical and economical evaluation of CO2 capture from FCC units

Leonardo F. de Mello, Ricardo D.M. Pimenta, Gustavo T. Moure, Oscar R.C. Pravia, Loren Gearhart, Paul B. Milios, Torgeir Melien  
(pdf 156 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Performance of sorption-enhanced water-gas shift as a pre-combustion CO2 capture technology

E.R. van Selow, P.D. Cobden, R.W. van den Brink, J.R. Hufton, A. Wright  
(pdf 402 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Chemical-looping Combustion CO2 Ready Gas Power

Tobias Mattisson, Juan Adanez, Tobias Proell, Rein Kuusik, Corinne Beal, Jan Assink, Frans Snijkers, Anders Lyngfelt  
(pdf 254 Kb)   View

January, 2009

CO2 Capture and Development of an Advanced Pilot-Scale Cryogenic Separation and Compression Unit

Kourosh E. Zanganeh, Ahmed Shafeen, Carlos Salvador  
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January, 2009

Performance of a NiO-based oxygen carrier for chemical looping combustion and reforming in a 120kW unit

Johannes Bolhàr-Nordenkampf, Tobias Pröll, Philipp Kolbitsch, Hermann Hofbauer  
(pdf 223 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Recent development in the HMR pre-combustion gas power cycle

Jens B. Smith, Knut I. Aasen, Kjersti Wilhelmsen, Daniel Käck, Turid Risdal, Anita Berglund, Annette Stenersen Østby, Michael Budd, Tor Bruun, Bjørnar Werswick  
(pdf 564 Kb)   View

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