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July, 2020

CCP Project Factsheet

Testing Piperazine solvent for capturing CO2 from flue gas  
(pdf 5.6mb)   View

January, 2019

CCP Project Factsheet

3D-Printed materials for boosting sorbent-based CO2 capture  
(pdf 330kb)   View

October, 2018

Capture programme poster

GHGT-14 Overview poster  
(pdf 8.9 mb)   View

April, 2016

CCP Project Factsheet

Oxy-Fuel Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) Pilot Test  
(pdf 823kb)   View

September, 2013

CCP Project Factsheet

Oxy-Combustion Fluid Catalytic Cracking Demonstration Field Testing of CO2 Capture Technology for Oil Refineries  
(pdf 693kb)   View

November, 2012

Oxy-combustion Technology Development for Fluid Catalytic Crackers (FCC) – Large pilot scale demonstration

Leonardo F. de Mello (Petrobras), Rodrigo Gobbo (Petrobras), Gustavo T. Moure (Petrobras), Ivano Miracca (eni)  
(pdf 1.4)   View

November, 2012

Capture programme poster

GHGT-11 Overview poster  
(pdf 426 kb)   View

October, 2010

Oxy Fuel Poster

GHGT-10 Technical poster  
(pdf 12999kb)   View

January, 2009

Operating experience with chemical looping combustion in a 120kW dual circulating fluidized bed (DCFB) unit

Philipp Kolbitsch, Tobias Pröll, Johannes Bolhar-Nordenkampf, Hermann Hofbauer  
(pdf 344 Kb)   View

January, 2009

Synthesis gas generation by chemical-looping reforming using a Ni-based oxygen carrier

Luis F. de Diego, María Ortiz, Francisco García-Labiano, Juan Adánez, Alberto Abad, and Pilar Gayán  
(pdf 226 Kb)   View

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