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The objectives of the CCP Storage, Monitoring and Verification team are to:

  • Develop risk assessment and certification protocols
  • Build understanding around well integrity by using field data on the performance of well materials
  • Assess geomechanical stability of reservoirs and caprocks
  • Develop other opportunities to improve cost-effectiveness

The CCP3 Storage Program continues to build upon the learnings gained from CCP2. The new work being undertaken by the CCP focuses on the quantitative depiction of subsurface processes, optimization of field development and operations and field trialing of emerging monitoring techniques. These include:

  • Surveying, sampling and analysis to build understanding of well integrity, in particular to understand the rate of alteration and long-term impacts
  • A diverse set of studies to better understand subsurface physio-chemical phenomena and how they impact injectivity, plume migration, trapping and containment, including:
    • A fault seal study
    • Development of protocols to consistently determine relative permeability in reservoir rocks and capillary entry pressures in seal rocks
    • A study into the impact of CO2 impurities on plume dynamics and mineral stability
  • A Certification Framework for the geological storage of CO2 to guide evaluation of the suitability of candidate storage sites in any given location
  • A field trialing program where third party sites are used to test promising surveillance techniques or better understand subsurface phenomena associated with CO2 injection.  Projects include:
    • Otway Basin Pilot project – co-funding of interpretation of timelapse data and correlation to seismic in establishing plume detection
    • Denbury Resources Cranfield Commercial EOR Project – funding repeat survey, post injection, through borehole gravity technique
    • MSGC Decatur – Interpretation of InSAR satellite monitoring data to establish if suitable for post injection full deformation analysis
    • Multiple deployments at a single site
  • Contingencies Program to increase public and regulatory confidence around storage integrity by understanding current versus needed capabilities to manage unexpected migration of CO2 or displaced brine from a storage site.


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