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CCP has a clear goal: to help develop next generation technologies that will reduce the costs of CCS and make CCS a practical and cost-effective option for reducing or eliminating CO2 emissions, resulting from the use of fossil fuels.

To meet this goal, the CCP’s work has been divided into a series of phases, with work covering four areas
1) Storage, Monitoring and Verification, 2) Capture, 3) Policy and Incentives and 4) Communications.

As a result of this work, many of the perceived uncertainties around subsurface storage have been addressed and new, technically viable and lower cost capture routes identified, both of which will help to operationalize CCS. CCS adoption at scale is now more a question of clarifying regulations, establishing supportive government policies that make CCS projects commercially viable and gaining public support.

The CCP's specific areas of focus to help it achieve its goal include:

  • Driving down the cost of existing CO2 capture technologies for use by the oil, gas and power generation industries, through further technology R&D as well as demonstrations of next-generation technology
  • Advancing knowledge of well integrity, the performance of well materials and site certification
  • Adapting subsurface monitoring technologies to track CO2 underground

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